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About Us


Are we?

At Healthy Fireproof Insulation, Inc., we understand the importance for a building to provide a healthy, safe, and comfortable environment for its occupants.                          The president and founder of the company, Jared Conte, also has experience in Florida as general and roofing contractors and as a civil engineer.

Our humble beginnings

Due to Mr. Conte’s extensive research to build his own healthy and fireproof home, which was not available in Florida, he decided to break through the norm to make a major change to the insulation industry. After doing research with the Building Biology Institute and consulting with a building biologist, George Swanson at www.geoswan.com, Mr. Conte realized that all the standard and traditional construction methods allow for mold, fire, toxic fumes, CO2, noise, allergens, insects, rodents to easily penetrate and degrade the building’s barrier over time. Healthy Fireproof Insulation is the only company in Florida that uses airkrete® GREENsulation™ to meet all those specific demands. Therefore, it becomes increasing important to allow for a budget to invest in the best insulation for your building to have a strong defense that will have a lasting impact for many generations. We believe that nothing should compromise what matters most to your property – whether it is about protection, safety, or functionality.

As experienced and professional building contractors, we are always looking for the most innovative ways to help our Florida community improve their buildings. After being introduced to airkrete® GREENsulation™, we had found a revelation that addresses the most common building concerns. Viewing its effectiveness, this has now become the focus of our business.


Our Vision

Our story begins with discovering the wonders of airkrete® GREENsulation™. The mission statement behind the development of the material was incredible and genuine in its cause. The procurers of airkrete® GREENsulation™ had a heartfelt passion for delivering new insulation that was not only healthy for the planet but paid for itself over time.

We decided to channel our business into this material and introduce Florida to the benefits of airkrete® GREENsulation™. Serving Orlando, we paired the product offering with our service vision. Installations of AirKrete with honesty, quality, and integrity would help people remove any significant burdens facing their properties.


Our Mission

AirKrete’s introduction to the market had a courageous backbone in its mission to change the world. Their scientists dedicated themselves to develop an insulation
material unlike any other seen before. Their message was that contractors and building owners have options that assist the environment and provide unparalleled protection and comfort for a property.

Our services accomplish the same mission. We want to spread the word about the effectiveness of airkrete® GREENsulation™. Our company has a strong desire to be a helping hand for the local community and the environment. There is no better insulation material, and we will carry out dependable contracting services to reveal its potential to our part of the world.


Why Choose Us?

At present, we are the only licensee of airkrete® GREENsulation™ in the state of Florida. Being advocates of the airkrete® GREENsulation™ practice, we have been highly trained along with our existing qualifications. We use all the state-of-the-art custom-built equipment needed to provide quick and non-disruptive insulation for your building.

We are not just any insulation contractors; we are community members. Our people come first, and the team will always provide excellent service in any installation. Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask any questions about airkrete® GREENsulation™ – we are always happy to discuss.